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Infos about membership

Workshop rules can be downloaded here:

Studio rules


  • If you would like to become a member and fulfil the described requirements for membership, please apply for activation with a short e-mail to us in which you state the courses you have attended.
  • We will then activate your approval to become a member revocably according to the number of places available and the organisational requirements of the workshop. There is no legal claim to activation in this respect.
  • As soon as you are activated, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us with the necessary information.


  • A created customer account with us, as well as,
  • a course of several days which has familiarized you with the basics of pottery and the practices in our workshop

What contains the membership?

  • Membership can only be acquired after activation. It is always valid for two consecutive calendar months and constitutes membership of our workshop for its duration. It is not transferable.
  • Each membership to be purchased is linked to certain days of the week and times (membership packages) during which the member has access to the members' area of the workshop. This link ensures that there is always a free turntable, sufficient tools and enough space for creative work. It is not possible to bring visitors or pets into the workshop.
  • Each member gets their own shelf space of 100x50cm (height 40cm)
  • and can use our studio glazes and all available studio tools
  • At the beginning of each membership interval, each member receives 10kg of clay free of charge
  • Firing service costs extra

How do I maintain my membership?

  • All members have a right of first refusal for the corresponding follow-up product to their existing membership.
  • This right of first refusal is determined by a one-month phase during which only current members can purchase their respective follow-up membership.
  • This phase always begins two months before the start of the membership to be purchased.
  • A reminder to purchase the successor membership is automatically sent by the system via e-mail notification.

How can I become a member?

  • If you fulfil the above requirements and your account has been activated, you can purchase your membership online.
  • If there are no free places in the desired membership, you can add yourself to the waiting list.
  • Three weeks before the start of a new membership interval, the waiting list is automatically processed and free places are offered to the first on the waiting list. You will receive an invitation by e-mail to purchase your desired membership. If no purchase of the offered membership is made during the offered time window (24 hours), it will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.
  • It is also possible to join the waiting lists of several memberships at the same time. However, all waiting list entries will be automatically deleted as soon as you are offered a membership for purchase.
  • The number of people waiting and your position on the waiting list are displayed on the membership tiles. We will also send you regular updates by e-mail.
  • If you have not been offered a place (because it is not available), you will automatically be added to the waiting list(s) for the next membership(s).

How do I change my membership?

  • If you would like to switch to a different membership tier, you can express your wish to switch online.
  • This is only possible during the pre-purchase phase and only if you have not yet purchased your successor membership.
  • At the end of the pre-purchase phase, we will know who wants to extend, who wants to cancel and who wants to switch and can allocate any free places to those who want to switch.
  • You will then automatically receive an e-mail with an invitation to purchase your desired membership (if a place in the desired membership is free) or to purchase your previous follow-up membership (if the switch did not work out).
  • You can only specify a change request for one membership package per interval.
  • If the change does not work out, the change request may have to be made again at the start of the next pre-purchase phase.
  • Places are allocated automatically according to an algorithm that takes into account not only the time at which the switch request is made, but also the desirability of a membership package.