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The workshop is going on summer break for the members!

This means that during the two months of July and August, it will not be available to members for free pottery.


Experiment, practice and improve your skills

We make our ceramics workshop available to our members two days a week for independent and autonomous throwing at the wheel.

Here's what you get as a member

  • Acess to studio up to 8 hours/week
  • chose between acess Thu & Fri noon and Thu & Fri evening
  • Personal storage shelf (100cmx38cmx50cm)
  • Acess to wheels and studio tools
  • studio glazes and 10 kg clay are included in costs
  • kiln firing costs are additional
  • limited member spots, consistent with the number of wheels available

You can purchase membership online, which is always limited to two calendar months.

Early membership:

Thu & Fri 12:00-16:00 for 150 Euro/2 Month

Late membership:

Thu & Fri 16:00-20:00 for 170 Euro/2 Month