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Continuing wheel class

Ready for the next step!

We show you how to throw bigger, taller and more intricate shapes on the wheel.

Is this class right for me?

  • Number of class sessions: 3
  • Total course duration: 12 hours
  • for advanced students
  • Suitable from 16 years of age
  • Individual support
  • Language: German
  • Price includes material and firing costs for 4 vessels

And this is how the course will work:

We show you the techniques needed to throw cans, plates, jugs and vases.

You will practise throwing specific shapes and vessels on the wheel.

We will respond to the wishes of the participants.

This course is suitable for all those who no longer have problems with centering up to 500g clay.

If you have only attended one wheel course so far, we recommend that you practice on your own or attending another beginners class.

The number of participants in this course is limited to six in order to be able to respond to the different abilities and wishes of the participants.

1. session:Determination of the course content by participants' wishes; general shape analysis of vessels under the aspect of the manufacturing process;Throwing the desired vessels with individual assistance.
2. session:Trimming, slipdecorating and handle your made vessels.
3. session:We will help you with tips and tricks when glazing your creations.

Pick up your self-made pottery

Your self-made pottery will be ready 2-3 weeks after the last course date.

As soon as they are ready for collection, we will send you an email. Please understand that we can keep your finished vessels for a maximum of 4 weeks after notification.


A cancellation must be made at least 7 days before the course starts for a full refund. If you miss one of the sessions, NO MAKE-UP CLASSES will be offered.

On-site registration

We also offer the option of booking a course directly with us on site on Wednesdays from 2-6pm.

Payment is possible either in cash or by card.

Continuing wheel class