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Team event

Be creative together

Discover and master together new challenges in making your own vessels from clay!

What is possible?

  • 20 wheels available
  • Professional guidance
  • approx. 3 hours duration
  • Material included
  • Tools and aprons are provided
  • Language: German & English
  • Firing and glazing of 2 vessels / participant (by us) included
  • Choice of 4 different glaze colours
  • Tea, biscuits and music
  • Max. 20 participants

Three women sit side by side at their potter's wheelsA course participant sits at the potter's wheel and laughs. A course participant cuts a previously rolled out clay slab into strips.A participant drapes a flat clay plate around a cylinder.Verena demonstrates a technique on the potter's wheel while some course participants stand in a semicircle around her and listen intently to her explanations.Verena corrects the finer points of the position of the hands of a participant sitting at the potter's wheel. 
In the background, you can see the participant at the neighbouring potter's wheel listening to what she is saying.Lined up against the wall, the course participants sit at their potter's wheels.
Some are busy with their clay objects and others look at the person sitting next to them to see how it is done.
Verena explains something to a course participant.Clara shows a participant, who is sitting at the table with a construction technique, how to make a vessel by shaping the clay with her thumb and index finger.In the foreground, a participant, sitting at a table, is very concentrated on her vessel.
In the background, another participant is working on her vessel with great concentration.Two women sit at their potter's wheels.
One is working intently on her vessel while the second listens to Verena's explanations.An overview of the workshop space, with half of the course participants. It seems to be the initial situation. Everyone is standing, some are tying on their aprons. Someone points to the potter's wheels.A group picture with all the good-humoured course participants in the courtyard in front of the workshop. Everyone still has their aprons on. Some make gestures with their hands.A group picture with all the good-humoured course participants in the courtyard in front of the workshop. Everyone still has their aprons on. Some make gestures with their hands.

And this is how your team event will work:

A special kind of company event: while making pottery you can experience the meditative and relaxing effect of clay together.

We will show you the basic techniques for making small simple vessels out of clay.

Each of you will receive individual assistance in the realization of your own creative projects.

After a short demonstration by the teacher on the wheel, you will start working on your own wheel. There is plenty of time to experiment and try things out.

You have to practice centering, breaking open and pulling up walls. But don't worry, we will help you! Everyone will be able to make their own vessel.

How much is it?

The price depends on the number of participants.

3-4 persons80 Euro / person
5 persons75 Euro / person
6-7 persons70 Euro / person
8-9 persons65 Euro / person
10-20 persons60 Euro / person

Your works will be ready for collection three weeks after the event during our opening hours.

Own ideas?

Are you more than 20?

Our premises can accommodate events for groups of up to 25 people.

Feel free to send us an e-mail.

If you have other ideas, we would be delighted to hear them.